Join us

So, now we've got you interested you must be asking yourself how do you become a part of this exciting new adventure and, even more importantly, what exactly is involved? We are thrilled to offer you a free 4 week trial - basically you come and have a go for 4 weeks before you make a decision (we are pretty positive that you will end up as hooked as we are). Then you will be asked to join up as a member for the very low subscription fee of $75 per term(or $50 per term if you have your own instrument). This membership fee covers the cost of tuition, music etc, and as a bonus we will give you a snazzy uniform for free!!

High Brass

High brass instruments  are all the cool instruments like cornets and trumpets. They generally have a small mouthpiece.They often have the lead melodies.

Tanunda Town Band (17).JPG

The horn section instruments  are all the mellow 

instruments like tenor horns, French horns and flugels. They  provide melody, beautiful harmonies and  are also experts in off beats!

Low Brass

Low brass instruments  are the engine room. They include awesome 

instruments like tubas, trombones, baritones and euphoniums. They are bigger and need more air to pump out the bass end.

Hands of man playing the trombone

Percussion instruments are basically anything you hit, -like drums, glockenspiel and cowbells. They drive the band, keep us in time  and add even more fun and flair..